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Washington, D.C.--Roll Call, the newspaper dedicated to covering Capitol Hill, today launched the "A Taste of America" contest on Capitol Hill. This is a tournament-style food competition that pits state against state. Starting today, Roll Call readers will decide the winner by voting online for their state’s signature food. 

"We expect the contest to generate fun and friendly competition," said Mark Walters, Senior Vice-President and Publisher of Roll Call. "We've been working with Chef Spike to come up with an exciting food contest, which will culminate in the 'Final Four' at his restaurant: We, The Pizza. The content is open to anyone, so vote early and vote often." 

The rules are as follows: Roll Call has created 64 brackets, a minimum of one entry per state with several additional entries for the larger states. States will "play" against other states within their region. People are encouraged to go online and vote for the state(s) they want to win. At the end of the week, the votes are tallied and winners advance to the next round. The winner will be announced at a Final Four party hosted by Chef Spike at We, the Pizza on June 21st. 

"Roll Call’s Taste of America contest is combining two of my favorite things: food and competition," said Chef Spike Mendelsohn. "So make sure to choose your favorite food from your favorite state, because I’m going to be cooking the final four dishes at my Capitol Hill restaurant, We, The Pizza. The party is going to be great, so start voting and get excited to join me when we taste the final four foods on June 21st." 

The contest is sponsored by the National Beer Wholesalers Association, National Restaurant Association, National Farmers Union, and National Pork Producers Council. 

The brackets can be found online

Click here for the Taste of America video featuring Chef Spike. 

For immediate release: May 16, 2011 Contact: Rebecca Gale, 202 650 6884