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Who The Hill?

Think you're a real Washington insider? Play Roll Call's “Who the Hill?” game to show how much you do know . Each level takes you through a series of questions regarding Members of Congress, earning badges along the way to prove your Congress IQ. See if you can separate the Republicans from Democrats, the Freshman from the Chairman, and recognize faces once the Member pins are off.


1. Where can I download the app? You can download the app from the App Store by clicking here.

2. How much does the app cost? It’s free!

3. Will the app run on my iPad? Yes. This app is universal, optimized for both iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

4. Will the app work on other smart phones or tablets, like the Droid or BlackBerry? The app runs only on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

5. I have feedback or a question that wasn't answered here. How can I contact you? You can e-mail us at